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A brief history of production of sodium sulphide

Release date:2017-12-07 16:39:59


Sodium sulfide in China originated in the 1930 s, the earliest start from liaoning dalian a chemical plant of small-scale production, into the 90 s and 1980 s, with the vigorous development of the international chemical industry, sodium sulfide industry in China there has been a fundamental shift, manufacturers and scale up, is developing rapidly. The production area of sodium sulfide in the center of shanxi yuncheng district has rapidly expanded to more than 10 provinces and regions including yunnan, xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, gansu, qinghai, ningxia and shaanxi. China's annual production capacity surged from 420,000 tonnes in the late 1980s to 640,000 tonnes in the mid-1990s. The fastest growth is in Inner Mongolia, gansu and xinjiang in northwest China. Inner Mongolia's production capacity has reached 200 thousand tons, making it the largest production base of sodium sulfide in China.

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