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calcium carbide
calcium carbide
  • calcium carbide

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    Product application: acetylene gas production, metal welding and cutting, gold mining and non-ferrous metal industry, steel industry desulfurizer, PVC production

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  Product Name: calcium carbide

  Particle size: 0-4mm, 4-7mm, 7-15mm, 15-25mm, 25-50mm, 50-80mm, 80-120mm

  CAS login No.: 75-20-7

  EINECS No.: 200-848-3

  UN: 1402

  Chemical formula: CaC2

  Customs Code: 2849100000

  Character: gray or brown stone

  Packing: 100kg in iron drums/ 50kg inirondrums

  Product application: acetylene gas production, metal welding and cutting, gold mining and non-ferrous metal industry, steel industry desulfurizer, PVC production

  Precautions for transportation and storage:

  The iron bucket shall not be upside down during transportation. When the drum is filled with nitrogen, it shall be indicated on the package and on the freight bill. During the transportation, the transportation vehicles shall be equipped with corresponding types and quantities of fire fighting equipment and leakage emergency treatment equipment. The exhaust pipe of the vehicle carrying this product shall be equipped with fire stopping device. During transportation, ensure that containers do not leak, collapse, fall or damage. It is forbidden to mix with acids, alcohols, etc. During transportation, it shall be protected from sun, rain and high temperature. During stopover, keep away from fire and heat. Transport vehicles and ships must be dry and have good rainproof facilities. The vehicle shall be thoroughly cleaned after transportation. It is forbidden to slide when transporting by railway.


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Product keywords:calcium carbide电石碳化钙
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